Apocryfiend Mini Shoot

During the Damsels of Darkness Tour of 2012, we had a photoshoot, which was done by another photographer. While we were there, I was able to get several of my own pics, with permission of course. The photographer even gave me a few tips here and there.

All of my photos can be found in the DoD Tour album. The following pics are of Kita and Lance. They were two members of the local metal band Apocryfiend. Kita is also a Lead Farmer Girl. LFG supports underground metal and is also a part of Born of Chaos Records, which is who brought us DoD. In the pics below, you will also see a member of Infernal Opera and the owner of BOCR. Ron was also part of March To Victory back then. All photos were taken by me, LadySkullshine Photography.

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