$hare The $aving$

Last updated: July 11, 2019
By: LadyS

Whenever possible, I try to save as much money as possible. Whether this involves coupons, cash back, free samples, affiliate programs, surveys, bill negotiators, playing games for gift cards, selling apps, and so on and on.

It’s time consuming, I know. I’ve wasted countless hours trying to make $0.25 here and there. It’s not only frustrating for me, but others around me as well. Like when it takes an extra hour to order food because I want to be sure we are getting the absolute best deal possible. It’s ridiculous. I get why so many say it’s not worth it and give up.

I’m not completely batty, I swear. I DO see the benefits.

I also see the pitfalls. Massive pitfalls. Like, the 300+ apps that are currently installed on my phone. Then there’s the hours of testing apps and sites. Oh and the plethora of annoying spam calls, texts, emails. That all becomes an overwhelming cluster of sorts, which then brings the ongoing plans to finally organize it all.

Surprisingly, I am actually making some progress on that front since I have found the best app/site for me to use to keep track of so many things.

As I am able to do so, I will provide as much information as possible.

Stay tuned! 😀