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Although LadySkullshine Entertainment has changed quite a bit, it’s initial purpose was to help promote networking independent artists & businesses. If they still exist, please be sure to tell them you saw them on Some bands listed below may no longer play anymore, but you should still check out their music if it’s still available. I have a copy of the majority of the metal local band’s music & listen to them all the time. I may even have some old demos in my distribution box.

Stars next to the names indicate that I’ve taken photos for them. Mostly live photos, some photo shoots. I have a few random pics here on my site on the Local Music Photos page.


Local Music Entertainment around PA, NY, NJ:

Metal Music \m/

  • Apocryfiend* – LV,PA
  • Black Fate* – LV,PA
  • Behind The Grey* – PA
  • BlyndSyde* – LV,PA
  • Burial Mound*
  • Cacd Tribute – LV,PA
  • Chinga* – LV,PA. (Born Of Chaos Records)
  • Cover Her Face* – PA
  • Crushpile*
  • Curse of Sorrow* – PA
  • DDS – LV,PA
  • Decaysia* – LV,PA
  • Deprived* – LV,PA
  • Hell Freeze* – LV,PA
  • I Am The Trireme* – Philly,PA
  • Indefinite Dyad* –
  • Infernal Opera* – LV,PA
  • Kinslayer* – PA
  • Krosis* – LV, PA
  • Mindmaze* – LV,PA
  • March To Victory* – Lancaster,PA. (BOCR)
  • Mistress* – PA
  • No Remorse For The Fallen* – Philly,PA
  • Ominous* – NJ (BOCR)
  • Our Ashes Remain* – PA
  • Ovlo* – LV,PA
  • Plague of HumanityNY
  • Pool of Thorns* – PA
  • Power Theory* – PA
  • Prosody – Death Metal. PA
  • ReKindle* – NJ
  • Remember These Lies*
  • Sandraudiga* – LV,PA. (BOCR)
  • Save The Zombies* – L, PA
  • Skalped* – LV,PA
  • Skinsect* – LV,PA
  • Sorrowseed* – MA
  • Stingy Jack* – LV,PA
  • SuperTruck* – LV,PA
  • The Dawn of Appolyon* – PA
  • Throdl* – PA
  • Unit Ready* – LV,PA

Other Mixed Artists (unsorted):




Born Of Chaos Records, Aleigha Evens started this project & got the Lead Farmer Girls heavily involved with Damsels Of Darkness 2012 which turned out very successful. DOD13 & DOD14 were even more awesome! I’m excited & proud to have been a part of this since inception.

Damsels of Darkness Tour Events Sponsored by:


Local Music Industry ( PA & surrounding areas):

  • Local Music : Listing of local music artists in & around Lehigh Valley including PA, NY, NJ, MA.  Mostly metal right now, but I plan to expand more w/ genres as well as locations.
  • BIZ R ENT: Booking Bands in several local Lehigh Valley area, PA venues.  HD Recordings.  Home of the BizR Babes.  Contact Skip for more information.
  • Born Of Chaos Records: Underground Metal Record Label & Massive Supporter.  Home of the Lead Farmer Girls Worldwide.  Contact Aleigha & Ron Evens.  Located in PA but supports Metal Globally.
  • CT Music Straps: Specializes in custom leather musical instrument gear for musicians.  For more info see their siteonline store.   Located in North Carolina. 
  • Midnight Studios: Owner Andrew Chervak won 2011 & 2012 LVMA winner of Best Recording Studio. & 2012 LVMA Winner of Best Music Producer.  Visit his site here.  Located in NJ
  • Valley Rockers Calendar:Local music supporting the Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley. Bands in 2013 Calendar include Sinister Realm, Triage, RehabX, Exit 22, The Damn Dirty Apes, Black Fate, Retrokast, Postal, AKA Wingnut, Psych.  Contact Tracie Lovett through her facebook page for additional info.  LV area, PA


Local Entertainment Resources:

Online LOCAL Radio Stations playing local music:



Pennsylvania: Lehigh Valley & surrounding areas –

  • 101 Communications:  Check out what Tim & Heather can do for your business on 101’s site.   Office located in Bucks County
  • Accentuate Positivity Foundation Funding site
  • Alfonso Todd & Associates: Alfonso does a lot of things here in the LV.  Prolifick RadioImaraj TV.  His office is located in Allentown.
  • Amaryllis Tattoo Artistry & Design: Friends of the family. Shop is located in Easton.
  • Colette’s Collection:  My BFF’s Mom makes one of a kind hand made jewelry – necklaces, earrings, bracelets & baubles, & one of a kind bead pens.  She made me my very own Exclusive LadySkullshine pen.  It’s black & pink w/ skulls & super awesome.  Love it!  Thanks Mom!  🙂
  • Creepy-dolls: Christie Bastet’s handmade Creepy Dolls.  Located in California, but has an online store.
  • Cypher Lx – Local Author. Model.Photographer.Artist.BizR Babe. Located in LV.
  • Dragon Scratch Emporium: Miscellaneous items such as Dream Catchers, hand made leather items, knives, skulls, Furry Bones, masks, art, etc. Located in Merchant’s Square, Allentown.
  • KMC Property Management:  Very reliable multi talented friend.  Call or Text Kyle at 610-248-2779.  Lehigh Valley area. 
  • Robert March Personal Adjuster  Located in the LV.
  • Serendipity Bloom –  Author.  New book just published & available on Amazon. Pennsylvania.
  • SilencioBarnes –  Poet, Writer, Musician for hire.  Check out some of his work. Located in LV.
  • SillettCo Fence Inc. – Located in Slatington.


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