Cash Back For Testing Items: Update

***10/22/20 Update: This was originally posted a few months ago. I unpublished it in error.

I just added some additional information to the Financial Tips page regarding receiving cash back for testing items. I had explained the process and provided my referral information, but I feel the need to explain a few things further.

Before you chastise me for partaking in these transactions, let me explain my take on this. Basically, you are helping merchants to build their ratings as well as giving them feedback on their items. They are always appreciative and helpful when there are issues. In return, you receive cash back. Also, I don’t believe in taking advantage of this system. I only apply for items that I genuinely need or can use. I am an Amazon’aholic to begin with, so I have a lot of orders in between these transactions.

Since I originally posted the information to my site, I have been reading a lot more from other people who used these sites. I’ve noticed a lot of misunderstandings and confusion. I also read stories of Amazon reviews and even accounts being deleted by Amazon. I’ve become even more careful with what I do. This is what prompted me to update my page with the following.

Be careful of a few things:
1. Be Selective. Don’t go crazy and order everything just because you get your money back.
2. Follow Guidelines. Review each site’s info to ensure a successful transaction.
3. Keep Track. Otherwise, you could lose track and ultimately lose money.

These are two of the sites I am currently using. I have a few others I’m testing, including ones that don’t require a review.

Cashbackbase: Up to 100% cash back on all sorts of Amazon items.
* Referral Link:

Rebatest: Up to 100% cash back on a wide variety of Amazon products.
* Referral Link:
We each receive $5 when you use my link.

Try them out and let me know what you think. Thanks for using my referral links.

Everyone’s results will vary. For the most accurate up to date information, see the individual company’s site/app. I’m in PA, US, using an Android phone and Windows laptop to access above mentioned. My only affiliation is that I have personally used these companies and share my referral links, which may pay an incentive.

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